Frequently Asked Questions

You may find lots of information from the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also for further information please check our whole website.

Turkey Visa application center is the sole institution officially authorized to receive visa applications for Turkey in Bangladesh.

No. Turkish visa application center is only obliged to forward the applications to Embassy and the visa decision is only given by Embassy. Employees of Turkish visa application center have no positive or negative impact on the visa decision. If you encountered the claim that employees of Turkish visa application center have an effect on the visa decision, then please notify it to authorized officers of turkish visa application center.

Please check other information in our website to inquire if you are needed to receive visa for Turkey.

You can apply to the Turkish visa application centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Please check other information in our website for more information.

No. You can only make your visa applications at Turkish visa application centers, which is the sole authorized body.

Yes, you can apply without an appointment, we can do to the application procedure step-by-step for you.

No. You must personally submit your visa application at Turkish visa application centers.

No. Visa applications must be made in person.

Please click here for details about visa application hours.

Please click here for contact details of our all offices.

Please click here for contact details of our all offices.

In order to apply for a visa, you need to know the required visa type. Please click here to find out about the visa types and required documents.

Instructions have been given in detail on our web in relation to the required documentation for specific visa types. If you have a missing document, we cannot accept your application.

To be able to apply for a visa to Turkey, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. If the validity is less than 6 months, we recommend you apply after your passport is renewed. Also, your passport must have at least 2 empty pages.

A Turkey visa affixed on the passport, by means of which you can travel via aircrafts and land vehicles, for which you can apply at Turkish visa application centers, with long-term and multi-entry if approved by Embassy.

Please click here to find about the visa fees, service fees and additional service fees.

Minors need consent letter from both parents in all cases (even though minor is travelling with both parents). The consent NOC must be on stamp paper with photos of parents and applicant and notarized.

Minimum 15 working days.

Single Entry visa fee is 5040 BDT, Multiple Entry fee is 15960 BDT. You can pay for your visa fees at the REIRED Turkish visa application center. For detailed information please visit visa fees page.

If you go by airway and do not leave the transit zone, you do not need to obtain a visa. However, in all other cases you need to obtain a visa.

You can get your travel health insurance from Turkish visa application centers. We would like to remind you that insurances made from any other institutions are not accepted for application.

If you want you can use our SMS Service (200 BDT) in the submission time (for all the steps like sending your passport to the Embassy, return of your passport to Turkish visa application centre after the process is completed and so on. Also, you can follow your application by calling our call centre at +880248811570

When you submit with the petition with original signature stating that you withdraw your application along with your national ID card to turkish visa application center; after Embassy confirms it, you can cancel your application. We would like to remind you that the cancellation process may take a few days.

Along with your national ID card and invoice given to you, you can collect your passport from Turkish visa application centres.

Click here for detailed information about passport delivery hours of Turkish visa application centers.

We provide photo service in all our offices.

You need 3 biometric photos (with a white background, taken in the last 6 months, with the face clearly visible, in size 2x2, met paper).

Yes. We provide photocopy services at all our offices.

Turkish visa application centre provide additional services such as photocopy, photograph, premium lounge, air ticket & hotel reservation, courier, SMS and travel insurance to offer you convenience.

The additional services offered by Turkey Visa Application Centres are optional and they do not affect your application positively or negatively.

After receiving your passport, you need to check the followings in your visa:


The chosen biometric identifier method is a digital photo and electronic fingerprints. All fingers of a visa applicant are electronically scanned in a quick, inkless process. The best known biometric is the fingerprint, but others include facial recognition and iris scans.


If you are applying from Bangladesh for Turkish visa the age limit is 12 to 67 years old. No need of biometric if you are younger than 12 years old or elder than 67 years old.

No fingerprints will be taken from applicant who have some physical disability. If any applicant have problems such as loss of a finger or hand they do not need to give biometric.